Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Wraps | Window Tinting | Paint Protection


What is a Vehicle Wrap?

The material is a vinyl decal. It will be directly applied to the surface of the vehicle. If you wish to cover your windows, we can use a 60/40 perforated mesh vinyl that will still display your branding and advertisement, but still will allow a bit of light through.

Do you offer custom designs?

Absolutely, we have a professional designer on staff. He will help assist you with all the elements of a custom design, implement your current branding and make sure you achieve the look your are going after. We can do a complete custom design or work from one of our template systems.

Can my vehicle, truck or trailer be completely covered?

Yes, however it will depend on certain vehicle attributes. The substrate/surface will need to be able to accept the adhesive material. Parts such as door handles, rubber moldings, windows, weather stripping, plastic moldings and extreme curves may not accept the adhesive vinyl. We will notify you of any areas we find that may not accept the material.

Do you wrap busses and/or semi trailers?

We do, please contact us for more details and prior to bringing the larger vehicles to our shop.

Can you wrap other things such as motorcycles, boats, helmets, prosthetics?

We can, please contact us as these are "specialty" services.

Will the adhesive material damage my stuff?

This specifically designed vinyl is designed to be removed and adhered without damaging the surface or paint.

About how much should I be looking at budgeting?

The prices will vary greatly depending on the vehicle, boat, trailer and/or substrate. Also remember the design time and consultation.

Is it true this is more bang for your buck then traditional advertising?

Yes, absolutely. Most wraps are seen by more then 100k people a month. There is no other branding effort that can get you that exposure for such little cost.

About how long will it take to install?

Most full vehicle wrap installs can be completed in 2-3 days. However, the design process can take a week or longer depending on the complexity of the design, our schedule and your input.


How dark of a tint can I legally go?

Please vistit our showroom for a demonstration. There are different values allowed for cars, trucks & SUV's.

Does Window tinting help deflect heat?

Yes, we carry certain films that help deflect heat. Please inquire if you are looking for that option

Do you do residential and/or businesses?

Yes we do, and more then likely you have dined in one of the local restaurants. We have tinted Chueys, Titos, Genghis Grill, Five Guys to name a few.

Do you tint the front windshield?

We are unable to completely tint the front windshield. However, we can tint the top portion of the front window.

Can you tint my bus or RV?

Of course, just like and other vehicle.
Please contact us prior to bringing down your larger vehicles.

About how long will it take to install?

For vehicles, it can be as little as an hour. For businesses and larger vehicles. We will need to take a look at it prior to giving you a time frame. But we will work with you in case there needs to be any down time for your business.



Can you see the film?

If you are looking at it within a foot, then yes.. you can probably see it. But from the naked eye standing a few feet away, no you cant see it.

Will the material damage my paint?

No, that's what the clear vinyl is for. To protect it!

About how long will it take to install?

Depending on how much coverage. We usually can get a job complete in a few hours.